Who We Are

Bold & honest.

We are a company of skilled and passionate veterans-turned-welders who have come together from a common background of discipline and camaraderie to forge unparalleled products and give unparalleled service. We don’t accept mediocre quality, materials or even personnel attitude. Here, we strive to be professional in every way. Our customers walk away with the finished product they had envisioned and the peace-of-mind that comes with high quality craftsmanship. We proudly service High River, Okotoks, De Winton, Nanton, the MD of Foothills and surrounding areas.

Where We Come From

Camaraderie & discipline.

We come from military backgrounds – once a soldier, always a soldier. Our time spent serving our country taught us the value of dedication, team work and attention to detail. Honest to the core – we see our commitments through with the highest degree of quality and a timeline is always finite.

Our Mission

To serve & weld.

To bring together a skilled and dedicated team of veteran welders to serve the community by crafting and forging unparalleled quality products with the highest degree of integrity.

how we give back

By veterans, for veterans.

We give back by not only hiring veterans but ensuring that we take part in events that give back to the veteran community. We are always looking to partner with organizations and support events that share our values and desire to support the veteran community.