TMR Customs - The Veteran Welding Podcast

Hey everybody. In this episode I interview Tim Rogers, co-owner and co-founder of TMR Customs. I have been using TMR Customs parts for years, you guys have heard me talk about them before; they have the highest quality products, and are my go-to supplier for all of my fabrication needs - and I do mean all of them. Their parts are extremely versatile to the point where I have used them in some really obscure applications; everything from pivot joints on a trailer, to bolt locations for light structural work, and even mounting locations for a home windmill. If you are a fabricator, you need to keep TMR Customs parts on stand by. If you use your imagination, they will save you a lot of time and help take your project to the next level. 

Tim and Mike Rogers are brothers who make up the TMR Customs team. They grew up in Ontario, and their passion of off-roading starting with their uncle, who had a Jeep CJ. He’d take them out on the dirt back roads by his cottage, then his dad would drive it in the winter. “My best memory of that thing was driving with my dad in a snow storm, and I remember looking down at my feet, I don’t think I would have been more than five or six, and I could see the road going by. And I said ‘Dad, I can see the road going by!’  and he said ‘yeah yeah, it’s a Jeep, don’t worry, your seat’s good’. And then the snow started coming down heavier and I was like ‘Hey Dad, the snow’s coming inside here’. It just had a ratty old soft top on it. Regardless of the fact that I could see the ground going by and the snow was coming inside, I remember that Jeep as being indestructible and could go anywhere”

Tim got a job as early as he could at fourteen years old to save up enough money to buy his own Jeep, which he ended up doing when he was sixteen. He started modifying it, and joining online forums to join on trail rides and learned just how far you could take Jeeps, trucks and home-made buggies – how far you could take it off-road and how much fun you could have doing it. From there he wanted to learn how to cut, grind, weld, and fabricate so instead of buying off the shelf bumpers, he could build parts for his Jeep himself. He bought a welder and pro-tube tube bender with his brother, and started making parts for their Jeeps. Since off-roading is pretty social, they’d build a new part for their Jeep, and another person would see it and ask “where did you get that?” “I made it” Tim would say. They’d then ask “well can you make me one?” “Sure as hell I can make you one”. This was the start of the whole thing. 

They officially registered TMR Customs in 2008. Both brothers had been working at an automation shop making automotive assembly equipment, and making their own parts on the side.  When the economy tanked in 2008, they received a phone call on Christmas Eve that said “Thanks for working with us, come in Boxing Day to collect your tools, the company is done”. It was a huge blow and nice Christmas present, so we said “F*ck it! We’re not working for the man anymore. Let’s grow this thing and work for ourselves. We’ve never looked back since and have had a lot of fun along the way”

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