Our Story

Let us start by saying THANK YOU for being here. 

It is our vision to create a community that welcomes and encourages Veterans to take their service skills and repurpose them for the civilian world. We specialize in supplying high end custom automotive welding as well as high quality automotive and welding parts. 

When we started the business in 2017, it truly was with a vision to employ and encourage the men and women who have served our country and communities, and show them appreciation for all that they have given. 

With Chris being a veteran himself, he knew the transitioning to the civilian sector would not be a straight line and requires understanding, support and dedication to excellence. Veterans go from being an integral part of a team to learning how to thrive in an environment, to not having that support and comradery at the drop of a hat. The community that we are making will help fill that void, aid in Veterans find how to best transition there current skills into an area that they might have not thought of otherwise, an giving them purpose, focus and a chance to become something that they have not thought of previously.  

Our vision is to create a community of people who enjoy building, welding, racing, and everything that goes along with it. While building off of our previous back grounds of service our country or our communities.

Stay tuned as the mission unfolds. Check us out on all of the following social media channels…