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We are looking at getting this course certified so it can be written off as hours towards your welding certification. But in order to do that and best serve our customers, we are asking for your help. Once you purchase this class you will be getting an email from us asking for your feedback; what did you like, what didn't you like, what can we improve etc.

As an extra bonus, for providing your feedback, you will automatically be offered 50% OFF TIG 102 when it releases! 

In this course, we will cover everything you need to know to start TIG welding: 

- Proper and in-depth machine set up
- Proper torch set up
- Proper tungsten selection, prep and maintenance
- Proper gas selection
- Theory on arc selection
- Safety (personal and those around you)
- Welding Techniques
- Tips and tricks for welding in different positions
- You will be given homework to test your new skills

- Prices include all future editions
- Price includes a PDF version of the transcript (available this fall)
        **both of these will automatically be sent to anyone who has purchased the class. 

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