1350 Tom Woods Super-Flex Universal Joint

1350 Tom Woods Super-Flex Universal Joint

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The unique design of off-set trunnions sets the mating yokes further apart than a more conventional joint. This allows for 10 degrees more flexibility than would be otherwise obtainable. While 10 degrees may not sound like a lot, with a 30" drive shaft, this will allow more than 5" of additional droop at your axle prior to binding of the universal joint. Our testing shows that installing this universal joint into standard yokes, the drive shaft will flex to 40 degrees. With a little grind work on the yokes the drive shaft will flex to 45 degrees.

The "Super-Flex" universal joint was not designed to be a "cure all", but rather specifically to solve a binding problem that one may incur under situations such as full axle droop and spring wrap. Situations like a front drive shaft, where you have a lot of lift and have also installed buggy springs or revolver shackles in conjunction with your shackle reversal.

We have never made any secret of the fact that this joint does cause some vibration problems. (In fact we will not even sell it unless the customer is aware of its limitations). This is due to the introduction of the 3rd plane of operation, which will cause the drive shaft to run eccentric. The amount of eccentricity is a function of how steep the drive shaft runs to begin with.

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