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CNC machined in-house from the highest grade domestic materials available, TMR Customs Dimple Dies are a tool that will last you a lifetime, at a price that won't break the bank!

Dimple dies/flared hole dies are used to add strength and rigidity to sheet metal panels. TMR Customs Dimple Dies are rated for a maximum sheetmetal thickness of 3/16" Mild Steel & 1/8" Chromoly.

Each die starts life as a solid billet of high grade domestic steel. We CNC machine each dimple die to exacting tolerances in-house on our Mazak CNC Turning Center. After the machining is complete, each die is sent to a dedicated heat treat facility and hardened to the optimal hardness level. After heat treating, each die is sent to a dedicated coating facility where they are coated not only for good looks, but also to protect your investment in a high quality tool.

WARRANTY: To guarantee these are the highest quality dimple dies on the market we stand behind them with our LIFETIME WARRANTY!åÊ

To see warranty details please visit the shipping & returns section of our website.

Dimple Die Size - Major OD (To determine the minimum sheet size)

1/2" - 1.365"
3/4" - 1.71"
1" - 2.21"
1-1/4" - 2.59"
1-1/2" - 2.97"
1-3/4" - 3.45"
2" - 3.97"
2-1/4" - 4.4"
2-1/2" - 4.9"

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