JK 1 TON Axle Swap Truss - Rear 14 Bolt


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Designed specifically to make the Full Float 14 Bolt Axle bolt into the rear of your Jeep JK/JKU!

When sourcing your 14 Bolt Axle for this swap choose the following specs:

  • 99-06 GM/Chevy 2500/3500 14 Bolt Rear Axle
  • 10.5" Ring Gear
  • Full Float
  • Single Rear Wheel Truck
  • 3.5" Axle Tube Diameter
  • 14 Diff Cover Bolts
  • Removable Pinion with 6 Bolts

If you are running a Rear 3 Link or Rear Triangulated 4 Link and not using the included upper control brackets please add 1 or 2 of SKU # 1114 as it makes an excellent upper control arm mount when placed on top of the truss. Be sure to shop our other JK 1 TON Axle Swaps today!åÊ

Choose from our truss only, or truss with pinion guard and tie-in kit. If you are hard on your Jeep, or think that you are - add the pinion guard and tie-in. It adds an extreme amount of strength and rigidity to the entire system.åÊ

The entire top bridge of our truss spans the full width of the axle. This allows all the other brackets/tabs to key and fit into slots for precision alignment and accuracy. No other JK 1 Ton Swap Truss comes close to ours in terms of ease of assembly and strength!

Don't forget we also offer ABS Kits for this axle to keep all your wheel speed sensors running properly. If you are pairing this axle with a 05+ Ford D60 you will need the 60 tooth ABS kit to keep things matched. If you are pairing it with a front axle with 52 tooth tone rings you will need the 52 tooth ABS kit to keep things matched.åÊ

"But I'm using an 05+ Ford Dana 60 Front and the bolt patterns don't match?" We've got you covered - our conversion wheel spacers for the 14 Bolt will make it the same width and 8 x 170 bolt pattern as the D60.åÊ


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