Leaf Spring Swap Kit, 2.5" Wide Spring

Leaf Spring Swap Kit, 2.5" Wide Spring


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Includes the following:

Leaf Spring PerchesåÊ

Our TMR Customs Spring Perches are the strongest on the market! Our design supports the full width of your leaf spring - other designs that are formed on a press brake only partially support your spring. TMR Customs Leaf Spring Perches measures nearly 8" in length to help control anti-wrap, and the 3 spring pin positions allow you to easily adjust your wheelbase.åÊ

  • CNC laser cut from 1/4" steel
  • Designed to fit 2.5" wide leaf springs
  • Ships unwelded
  • Sold in pairs

Leaf Spring U Bolt Plates

  • CNC laser cut and formed from 3/8" steel
  • Fits 2.5" wide leaf springs
  • U Bolt holes are slotted to fit up to 5/8" u bolts
  • 3 pin locations to match our Leaf Spring Perches
  • Sold in pairs

åÊU Bolts - 5/8"THREAD x 10"LENGTH

  • Grade 8 U Bolts
  • Rolled 5/8" fine threads for the ultimate in strength!åÊ
  • Threaded section measures approximately 5" in length
  • Comes with hardened washers and tall nuts

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