Veteran Welding After Action Reports - CANADA

Veteran Welding After Action Reports - CANADA

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This File is for the guy or gal who is looking to take the next step with there business and wants to start creating systems to make life and work easier from start to finish. When used properly the Veteran Welding AAR forms will do that and more. 

First off what is an AAR. The abbreviation AAR comes from the military and stands for after action report. Which are completed after every mission to find out what went wrong, what went right, how it could have been done better, and how to do it better faster and smarter the next time. I have taken the lay out of the AAR from my time in the military and completely revamped it for the welder, machinist or builder who is starting to do repeat work and wants to make it easier on themselves. 

We have two different versions; one is with for Canadian businesses and one is for America business. Both are 100% editable so you can adapt these to fit your needs both for now and as you grow over the years to come. There is even a spot for you to have your logo so If the need ever rises that these need to be shown to a customer it will be as professional as possible.

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