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This welder rack is designed to maximize floor space by way of getting your welder or plasma cutter off the floor and onto the all. We highly recommend mounting this to the wall closest to where it will be used. This model come with two hooks to hang your leads and help keep things organized as well.


Option #1 - ¼ 6061 Aluminum
Option #2 - 1/8 and 3/16 Steel

Everything is SLOT & TAB designed for easy assembly, When mounted to the wall properly this unit can hold over 200Lbs.


When mounting this to your wall you must follow the supplied directions. If not, you run the risk of having the unit come out of the wall after you have put your welder/ Plasma cutter on it.

Welder or Plasma cutter dimensions

The inside measurements where you would mount your welder or plasma cutter are 12.25” wide by 26.625” deep.

Mounting hardware is supplied.

Shipping Dimensions

20"x20"x1.5"  - this is in the non welded state. 

Dx W x H

Welder Rack ISO Front Right:-

Welder Rack Front:-

Welder Rack Right Side:-

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